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La Panza's Story


Our Story


Gathering around a table and enjoying home made meals with family, neighbors and friends is an important part of Latin culture. That is what we try to do with our family and friends from both the United States and the melting pot of cultures from Latin countries. The name “La Panza” means belly in Spanish and we related it to a saying in South America that states”Barriga llena corazón contento” which translates to “Fill your belly and warm your heart.” Then is when we decided to bring  a new concept of Latin American fusion cuisine that embraces flavors from different countries, textures and combinations from Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico,Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba among others to fill people’s heart with happiness.Our Latin fusion dishes have an endless amount of flavor combinations that are as exciting as they are delicious. Our food might be as close as you ever get to doing just that, with a little bit of everything, mixed up into something entirely new and unique. In the end, we believe that with dedication and love we will warm your heart through the happiness that we will bring to your taste buds and your belly. 


Galo & Tatiana

Our Mission

We want to inspire healthier communities by reconnecting people to real food.

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